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You will receive the link by email to continue the audit

You will receive the link by email to continue the audit

How it works? is a unique platform that performs a manual SEO audit of your website. Unlike other site audit services, we provide a manual audit of your website based on the responses you provide during the audit. To begin the audit, you need to submit your website URL and your email. You will be then asked several questions that are necessary to conduct the audit. After the end of the questions, a report will be generated based on your responses. This detailed report of the Manual SEO audit will be sent to your email so that you can identify the problems and take action.

MANUAL SEO AUDIT WITH SITEAUDIT.IN provides you with a comprehensive SEO checklist to manually audit your website for adherence to SEO and general webmaster guidelines. You will be guided through a 1-hour long, step-by-step audit process where you will be presented with checkpoints and tips to validate the same on your website. A manual audit with the help of our extensive checklist can help you identify several problems that an automated tool cannot detect. Tips and guidelines from our SEO experts will help you resolve the problems you identify during the audit process.